StriplacParty in Jakarta!

Meet The Starter Kit from Striplac

 Maybe you you asking, what kind of prodact is this, and what the different about this baby? It's seems like another nail polish, but I will tell you something!

Well, the Technology from Jerman give you a chance to get healty skin and simplicity to remove the nail polish by peel it, yeps, like peels the banana, or even easier! 
And what they color have? What is the secret behind all of this? Calm girl, I will explain it to you ~ 

Yes only for you :p
All Colors that Avalible in Sephora Plaza Indonesia
 They have hundreds of colors, but only 26 favorite colors are avalible in Jakarta for same prices 183.000 rupiah (25/10/2015) the most favorite is neon colors called Hawaiian Dream and Secret Red!

and The Step will be like this!

First of all, you have to clean your nails! Please make sure your finger is get buffer to get great texture on it.

After it you have to using twin coat as first layer, well this also the little secret!

Next don't forget to LED your finger on Machine, about 1 minutes and go to the next level 
Twin Coat!

 Next, put your favorite color on and do the LED again!
After it, if you want to make the color more visible you can make it twice, 
but dont forget to using LED again for 1 minute.

After finish, you have to apply Twin Coat too as the final result and LED it again
(every step for one minutes, another LED time is optional)
Using Peach Cinderlla

Hawaiian Dream

This is the Nail chart if you confused to choose your colors!

 Nah if you still have some 'naughty' nail polish, you can use this remover

Or Simply add some Peel Off Aktivator to make it more easier 
 And last step using Cleansing Pads to make sure nothing left!
Shiny Rubin

Secret Red
This some favorite colors of mine!
Anw, if you confused where to buy the LED UV machine, you can simply buy 
starter pack like I said, the price is under 2 million, but you get the set!
1 the LED UV machine
1 nail buffer
1 Red Secret Nail polish
1 Cleansing Pad 
1 Stiplac Hoof 

Well this is so much worth-it remembering this is so easy too use,
and last for about 10 days or working time! 
I means, when you do many thisss and this gel nail will 
always stay pretty and fabulous!

Kiss from My Secret Red! 
Well, I love to say Sexy Foxy Red 


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