Too Cool For School is BIG LOVE!

This Brand actually came to Indonesia a year ago, and maybe many of you already know this brand so well, but me? 
I'm just newbee! Remember? :p
Like I said this page will give you about information if they have love to you and this one is one of it *what the,,,,*

I start from this lip balm ( I think?!) with cute package er.. now, actually all of them is so cute for me! 

3 different color as you can see but not last longer,- well the moist and easy to use
but still too big for me! 
And This is the eyebrow kit, good enough and well blended!

The box of eye brow kit!

And this all of shadow shades they have, yea, not a lot and no palette, only one package each color. 
And the most I hate about this things is... They using Korean! Yea, I know they're korean brand but they don't write down the 'English name' for each eyeshadow and I'm sorry guys, I cant mention you one by one, what is the color is, but I like this eyeshadows a lot, they pigmented, they have strong colors and the most of all they have shimmery! Yeay! Because I like glitters like crazy and this brand,- almost, of the products contain of it!
Only 3 shades are neutral and nude in gorgeous colors!

Mini Size of the favorite product

The Bronzer and its quite lovely!

The cover of bronzer

Tons of love?

The Eyeliner or I can say the eyebrown maker!

Why? Look at this!
Yes, they have eyeliner (waterproof), good texture and also stay longlasting with eyebrow brush! I love this one and still asking why not but this thing! *cry*
The colors that avalible, the maroon and green are contain of shimmer

This one is liquid eyeliner!

Parfume Lip Balm! This is so great and buy one get one!

The Pressed power with 30 SPF
Called Sienna Silky BB Pact which is quite covering and mild!
This one is Photoready Pact with 25 SPF, I more like this but quite cakey >_<

Baby Lipstick!

My Favorite Tiny Lipstick! 

The shades! AND THIS IS SO CUTE!
They have tiny lipstick like sample but it wasn't with 9 colors in total and stay longlasting in matte and nude colors!
Blush on for Neutral!

And this one for more calms!

BB Cream with Foundation plus concealer!
This is the best seller on this place, and I don't have to be genuis to understand why, its simply because they are too perfect in one tube. You can find foundation with 27 SPF if I'm not wrong but probably I'm wrong also corrector, make your day is perfect!

Also the blush one, also small tube with pow brush under it!
This is lip care for everyone who like lipstick, with vitamins and also scrub!

This one also bush on but in liquid

The only face powder come with 2 shades, very well and light!

They said it's primer but somehow I belive its highlighter since they have shimmer and 2 colors called gold and rose!

another corrector!
Oil-Paper on Refill one but I think this one is easier to carry on!
The Eye Concealer!
And I got suprises when open it, because they have same top with Marc Jacobs and it's good!
Oil-Primer as you can see, for reduce the oil from your lovely face!

Ah! This one is Primer and BB Cream with concealer on the top, which is I bought it! because they also have SPF and quite perfect on me, so yea~ 

That's all! Thankyou for reading, sorry because I can't mention all the name but you always can go to Central Park (LG Floor which I took the photos) or PIM <3 
The price is quite pricey but comparable to what is offer!
Cute and Easy to use for School Girl Gank! Yeppy~ 

This what your hand look like anyway after testing all make up!
Happy girl detected <3


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