SOOOOOO!!! I've been waiting for review this baby! Since I'm so busy (well, tomorrow is my exam) and if I keep stress on it, ain't help.
I just review this baby for awhile.
I tell you guys, this I LOVE THIS.
Like, Seriously, I'm not all the way sponsored (of course) or if you read my previous review, you will understand that I'm not easily satisfied!
And I tell you guys, this Lipstick is the best one I ever used <3 but,...

Ok, so here is the first time you swatch it, you will smell something like Vanilla and it's have liquid texture. Like really liquid, not sticky, not creamy atc. This texture just like.. liquid... ssttt..
I swatch it with the pencil lipliner, which issss.. because had International shipping so it get broken. I can't twist it T^T quite sad..

 Only about 5 sec to it dry. Yep, very fast to dry, but I think it's still give you time to make the shape before it dry.

and it's claim, it has to be water proof and matte.
The result is quite satisfied me! Because it totally matte and only need one layer (well, if you apply 2 layers it will be thick)

So I do some test, after 1 hour I put it on my hand, I took a bath, and this is the result.
The Liquid Lipstick still there, but the Lip Pencil is gone, like completely gone.
So I think I don't really need the pencil too!

 After 12 hours I used (with washing hand, eat, and so on) it still stay in place if you not remove it or rub them)

When I apply to my lips ( I'm sorry I haven't any picture of after used). When I ate for the first time it was fine, but after the second time it getting rid, like clot on my lips and leave rough texture.

You can see it on my tutorial about Concealer and Corrector Cream
on bit.ly/TiaraCC

So the result?
+ I love the matteness
+ I love the liquid
+ I love the packaging
+ I love the smell of Vanilla
+ It's waterproof
+ It have good aplicator
+ The size is more longer
- Hard to find
- Lip Liner is not work
- Clot after use

The score is 4.3 for me!

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  1. Penasaran kalau diswatch di bibir 😀

  2. Setauku lip liner nya memang di raut kok bukan di twist up. Dan di packaging liquid lipstick nya gak ada stopper nya ya katanya? Jadi produk nya gampang beleber kemana mana >.< Nice review!

  3. Halo Tiara! Aku Ghina yang kemarin kita ketemu di event REVLON, would you like to followback my blog?

    Great review anyway! Aku juga pengen beli Kylie Lip Kit ini tapi so far masih pricey banget ya harganya untuk di Indo mengingat dia ga shipping langsung kesini hehe. Nice to know you ♡

    Ghina Aulia {www.colored-canvas.com}