Chanel Boutique in Jakarta

Chanel Boutique in Plaza Indonesia

I went to Plaza Indonesia to day, when suddenly I saw this Beautiful Boutique stand there.

The beginning of the story was, I was a new girl in Beauty Things. It was about last year when I read many articles claim about Chanel Foundation one of the best Foundation with Giorgio Armani.
Then, I remember in Plaza Indonesia, they have a boutique for bag and others. So yeah, I went there, and found nothing! No beauty products either their signature Parfume. Until I asked to man who keeps the store, and he replied, maybe in end of the year, we will open our store, behind -next to our boutique. So I'm feeling happy yet suspicious, is he really know about it? Is he tell the truth?

And NOW! 
I'm a Happy Girl, because I no longer have to go to Singapore in ION Mall, which very crowded and the store is smaller than in Indonesia!

Yeps. The store in Indonesia twice as big than in ION Mall (Paradon me~)
More completed and more cozy to walk in. 

Let's me explain what Chanel Boutique in Plaza Indonesia have.
First of all, I'll tell you, the store was opened in 21th Desember 2015

The Favorite Gift. 
There are 5 favorite gift or Chanel most wanted in this section.

Chanel Collection

You can find it in every store.
All Beauty Products which can make you
lose all of your money less then a hour-or maybe 10 minutes!

Favorite Gift Set.

If you looking for present, this is the Idea. 
Well, I think I have to ask Diana as Boutique Manager about '5' meaning
apologize my faux pas

Ps. Diana is very kind women, who totally know who to attract with us, specialy with camera one.

1st Thing  you see when walk inside the store 

The Chanel Collection, Both Man and Women
We go the next special privilege you way want to know!

Free Make Up Touch Up after bought some products 
Just ask the beauty keeper to help you get this 

The Lougue 

Yes, you can seat in sofa and ask the beauty keeper to help you explain the products
or for waiting someone.
More over you can get welcome drink 

Personal Make Up Artist
in This place, you can have personal make up artist before you party or event.

Chanel Eau De -
If you feeling lazy to stand up while trying new Eau De Parfume, Eau De Toilette and more.
You can ask for get explaination and enjoy smell it while sitting.

Skin Care Product
in Plaza Indonesia, they also have Skin Care Product which can suit very well in your skin.
They have many kind of skin care but mostly for women who are aging. 

In The End, I really love this place because they have nice appearane and good attitudes!

See you in another review guys ^^

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