Singapore Diary - Backpack traveler

I was super exicted tomorrow because I went to Singapore for Influencer Asia 2015!
I want to see how it does and looking for another party of course. This a little diary about yesterday event!

For who doesn't know who is this boy, he is my guard - :p

 How sad am I T^T

 Our first stop belong to National Museum of Singpore. It was raining and windy, but I keep walking and let the rain make my shoes wet and headache.

But everything got okay after I arrieved at ION Mall!
Sephora. Chanel. Estee Lauder. and may more!

But it was so suprising when I can't found my purse!
Yeap, the golden one which carring all of my money
with out that I can't eat or even pay anything

I was scared and finally, I walk down with opimistic that I can found it 
and yeaps! I got it. someone give it to security office!
What a lucky me ^^

 After long way around we stuck in Burger King 
and he very happy becase he got the best chili in the town!

Move to the next day, I woke up early morning and went to Suntect to get Fan Ticket

Yeaps, 500 person get fan ticket 
like silver ticket, you can seat but quite far away!

But soon, my dearest girl Aurelia update it into
VIP Ticket to seat next to her as nomination.

 Raisa, presanting Indonesia on beauty influecer!
Wohohoho well, I dont know clearly but 
she so cute and become Parenting given awards!
This is Aurelia, she is one of the best make up
artist with self-taught! No one teacher her in
formal action but her follower almost
and I'm proud of her, I really like her
becuase she is so talented!
Actually she is Piano teacther from UPH Univiersity
but now she become nominating from Indonesia.

Nevertheless, Sasyachi become the winner for Indonesia
region! I think because she is more influancing by her post 
I also like this girl, because she so kind and welcome to everyone!
*meet her couple time and she still realized me :p

But first like we take a selfie!

Another candid photo for Aurelia or Lia with this boyfriend
Kak Ucup. 
Can you see how his eyes saying 
" Love"

 Yea again it's me with him.
He got more excited than me, since Influence Asia
bring his idols

Jay Park is there!
Given awards for Fashion nomination

And Diana Rikasari won!

She said,
"Keep being weird and crazy!"

Yeass dis is redfoo!

And also Tiffany, unlike me, I cant attend the After party
because I have fligt on 7 pm (---) 
and I can't see TTS mini concert!

Yea, I got back earlier even the event its self not finish!

Anw, I missed my flight T^T and I got next flight,so I can't but anything from the airport
so.. I'm sorry I cant do my giveaway T^T

Thankyou for reading -unimportant things- 

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  1. It seems so fun!
    you looked gorgeous girl!

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